durango taxi


Can someone in a wheelchair ride a taxi?

Yes. As long as the individual is capable of getting in and out of the chair and into the taxi and the wheelchair is collapsible. We cannot take motorized wheelchairs at this time as we do not have wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Can you take me or pick me up from the Airport?

Yes! We are a fully-licensed airport pickup and drop-off service. Just give us a call at 970-259-4818 to schedule a ride to and from the airport.

What is Colorado Health First (Medicaid) Transportation?

It is a cost free service for eligible Colorado Health First (Medicaid) Members who have no other means of transportation to get to and or from medical appointments. Certain Members with special waivers may be eligible for Non-Medical trips such as shopping, errands, and recreation.

How is Colorado Health First (Medicaid) Transportation arranged?

For Non-Emergent Medical trips, for doctor appointments and such contact Durango Cab at 970-259-4818. To check eligibility your name, birth date, and Colorado Health First (Medicaid) number is needed.

For Non-Medical trips, for shopping, errand, and recreation, contact the San Juan Basin Health Department or your Case Manager, make a request and check for eligibility.
San Juan Basin Health Department: Website, Phone: 970-247-5702

How far does Durango Cab travel?

Durango Cab is based in Durango, Colorado, and serves a 100 mile radius area. In addition to Durango, we also provide transportation to locations such as Cortez, Silverton, Pagosa Springs, and Telluride.

Do I have to make advance reservations?

No. Reservations are welcome, but not required. If you have an important appointment or a scheduled flight to or from the airport, a reservation makes it easier for us to get you where you need to be on time. Due to limited staffing and unforeseen challenges, please call the main office at 970-259-4818 to check for availability between midnight and 5 AM. - you call, we come!
Please call us at 970-259-4818 for a pickup!

Can I bring my pet in a taxi?

Yes. However, there is an additional charge of $5.00 per pet and the pet must be in a pet carrier.

Can the taxi carry my bike?

Yes. As long as the bicycle can be safely loaded into the taxi without causing damage. Durango Cab currently does not have bike racks installed on its vehicles, but if there is enough demand, we will certainly add them.

What if I call for a taxi and there is no answer?

Sometimes the call volume is high enough you may not get through or you may get voice mail. If this happens, please call us again or leave a message with your name and number so we can get back to you ASAP. Also, at times the main line will be forwarded to one of the drivers that is in service and as you know how cellular service is out here, we will lose it from time to time as we travel about the area. We apologize in advance and ask to just keep trying, you shouldn’t have to try more than twice. Note: Due to limited staffing and unforeseen challenges, please call the main office at 970-259-4818 to check for availability between midnight and 5 AM.

How long will it take to be picked up?

If you have made an advance reservation, your cab should arrive at the scheduled time or earlier. Normally our response time averages 15 minutes or less but obviously will take longer depending on the call volume and distances. The call taker should always give an estimated time of arrival and someone will stay in touch with you if there are delays.

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